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  /  Lauren Olivia Pong (she/her/hers)

Lauren Olivia Pong (she/her/hers)

Lauren is a junior majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies, and her studies involve exploring intersectionalities of agriculture, labor, policy, gender, identity, and various forms of oppressions. At the moment, the name of her area of interest is “Linked Oppressions in Agro-food Systems and Categories of Difference” (quite a mouthful!). She’s passionate about food systems, and she hopes to someday become a farmer. She is currently a Vermicomposting Co-Associate along with Cailin Born. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, spending quality time with friends, tutoring kids in Chinatown, and having her hands buried in soil at the Oxford Tract (come for open hours, it’s lots of fun)!