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  /  Louis Cimmino

Louis Cimmino

“Hi! I’m Louis, a second-year Ecosystem Management and Forestry student on the professionally focused track. I’ve been a lover of all things outdoors since I was little, when I began spending weekends on hikes and campouts in the woods of New Jersey and Virginia. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve graduated to weeks-long treks through the Alaskan wilderness, the Sierra Nevadas, the Grand Canyon and many more! Since arriving at Cal, I’ve participated in both field- and lab-based environmental research, been Secretary for the Forestry Club, and served as a Sustainability Associate in ASUC. And now, I’m excited to be bringing that passion—as well as my experience with team leadership, environmental education, and community engagement—to the work I’ll be doing at SERC! When I’m not reading at the top of the Campanile, you can probably find me climbing trees at the Faculty Glade, listening to strangers play the piano at Sproul, or watching sunset from the top of the Fire Trails.”