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  /  Accessible and Ethical E-waste Recycling


The TGIF-funded Accessible and Ethical E-waste Recycling project aims to pilot an e-waste recycling program for students on campus. The project was founded on the realization that  UC Berkeley does not offer accessible e-waste recycling to students. This demonstrates a worrying lack of focus on e-waste despite its toxicity and increasing prevalence in a society where more and more tasks are being digitized.

There are three main objectives for this project:

  1. To pilot an ethical and accessible e-waste recycling program at UC Berkeley,
  2. To promote a circular economy and to increase landfill diversion under the campus-wide Zero Waste by 2020 Goal, and
  3. To create an education campaign that will raise student awareness and increase their sense of responsibility about the environmental and social implications of e-waste.

As of Spring 2020, purple e-waste and battery collection bins can be found at the ReUSE thrift store on the first floor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. ASUC Student Union Building, in the SERC space in the bNorth level of the same building, and in the 1st-floor Makerspace of Moffitt Library. The SERC community space additionally has a battery-only collection bin open to students.

Given the current COVID-19 university building closure guidelines, all bins are temporarily unavailable.