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We are only beginning to understand the interconnectedness of our world and the large-scale problems that we are facing that pressures our generation particularly. This course is particularly designed toward the personal and community resilience among student leaders and activists as we aim to strategically decolonize and dismantle the oppressive structures that exist locally and globally by learning from and uplifting each other, enabled by this transformative training. Be prepared to stretch out of your comfort zone.


The Climate Resilience Training for Student Leaders Decal draws from the Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience Curriculum that aims to provide student leaders with meaningful introductions to their campus’ carbon neutrality, sustainability, food action, and environmental justice communities; ways that scholarship and practices at the UC address issues of climate and ecological crisis, social equity, and regenerative economy; leadership modalities that will develop inner awareness as well as deepen understanding of the interdependence of al life, intersectionality, cultural narratives, collaborative problem solving, and systems thinking; tools for stepping into action; and opportunities to engage as students.

Student Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, successful students will:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of sustainability and community resilience
    1. Understand some of the basic social equity, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability, resilience, food systems, and climate destabilization
    2. Be able to explain criteria of community resilience efforts
    3. Understand the concepts of intergenerational social responsibility and global stewardship
  2. Be able to use leadership practices and skills that develop personal resilience
    1. Practice tools for personal resilience that will support effective leadership in college and beyond (e.g., inner resilience map)
    2. Create a personal resilience map
    3. Draw connections between personal behavior, sustainability, and community resilience concepts
  3. Be able to use leadership practices and skills that enable effective action for campus and community resilience:
    1. Build community with campus staff, students, faculty, and off-campus community members
    2. Deepen sense of purpose and commitment to be an agent of change
    3. Understand how to apply social narratives that motivate and engage people with climate issues
    4. Create a personal leadership vision
    5. Identify spheres of influence, potential action steps, and systems of peer support

When was SLICR started/what is it?

SLICR stands for the Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience. The UC Berkeley SLICR cohorts began in October 2019 after two campus leaders, Sharon Daraphonhdeth (the Director of SERC) and Sandra Bass (the Director of the Public Service Center) attended the Trainers Training session in 2018 with other campus directors across the UC system (see the summary here). The program originated from UC Irvine’s Student Institute for Sustainability Leadership (SISL). Read more about our roots here.

What is this webpage for?

This website is for current students involved in the course to keep track of the schedule, alumni of the program, and potential students who are interested in learning more about the specific resources. It also serves as a way to track the history and conceptualize the impacts of Community Resilience Training.