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  /  SERC Community Involvement Team!
Community Involvment Team holding chickens and posing with students from Hoover Elementary School

What is the Community Involvement Team?

The Community Involvement Team is a place of engaged learning. Team members are involved with a semester long work project with a community partner while simultaneously participating in important conversations around the field of community organizing. As a team, we have participated in the Oakland Strikes, shown up to Hoover Elementary School, and are wrapping up our planning of the Hoover Community Earth Day Festival.

Community Involvement Team as a Solidarity Strike School in Oakland on Day 1 of the Strike! We helped pick up and deliver necessary school supplies for this solidarity strike school to be able to host kids for the duration of the strike. We even got interviewed and included in a local newspaper!

Team Lead!

Jed Lee

Jed Lee is a third-year majoring in Society in Environment with a concentration in Justice and Sustainability and is double minoring in Global Poverty and Practice and City Planning. Jed works for the Student Environmental Resource Center as a Community Organizer, getting students involved in local movements and marches. Jed also has been actively involved in the Students of Color Environmental Collective during their time at UC Berkeley, where they participated in SCEC’s #EnvironmentalismSoWhite campaign, spearheaded the creation of SCEC’s Mentorship Program, and organized the Students of Color Environmental Conference in early February. Jed’s experience with student organizing and their field of study leaves them with a lot to say about environmental, climate, and development justice.  All of this has shaped their view on community organizing and is conveyed through this membership team!


Madeline Fahselt

My name is Madeline Fahselt and I am a third year studying both Economics and English! My pronouns are she/her and I am a part of the Community Involvement Team at SERC. I came to SERC because I was interested in the intersection of food and environmental justice and wanted to engage more with the Bay Area in a more impactful way. In my free time I like to jam out to Broadway musicals or purchase too many novels at Half Price Books.

Maria Lima

My name is Maria Lima, I was born and raised in Brazil, I’m an Aquarius, and my preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. My environmental passions include climate justice, animal rights, renewable energy and campaigning against climate change. In my free time, I love playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and saving energy 🙂

Yuval Duer

Hi! My name is Yuval, I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am a part of SERCs Community Involvement and CORE teams! Some of my hobbies include bouldering, hiking, and traveling. I am also extremely passionate about environmental justice and the environmental, social, and political affects of systematic oppression within minority communities around the world.

Estefania Lanes

I am a second year majoring in Environmental Science. I am from Bakersfield, CA and my pronouns are she/her/ella. My passion for environmental justice stems from my upbringing and culture. I enjoy being outdoors and listening to new music.