Environmental Organizations at UC Berkeley

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Green Jobs & Learning Opportunities

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Anjika is a current senior studying Environmental Policy & Data Science, with a concentration in Urban Science. She is passionate about environmental action, community building, and the intersection of environmental & public health. Anjika is inspired by SERC’s initiatives and

Nat is a fourth year Society and Environment major, also pursuing a Japanese minor and Food Systems minor. Throughout their time at Berkeley, they have been involved in various communities working toward food justice. Food systems work—more specifically in the

Ty (they/them) is a fourth year studying Environmental Policy in Conservation and Resource Studies. They are returning to SERC after studying EU climate politics in Berlin. At SERC, they work in Internal Operations on SERC's internal policy, support other SERC programs

Viti is a sophomore at Berkeley majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology and Data Science. She is an advocate for environmental and social equity, and has enjoyed working on a wide range of initiatives including Asian American mental health and the

Victoria is a fourth year majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology. She became passionate about environmental justice and health from personal experiences growing up, and loves practicing sustainability in her own life. Victoria first joined SERC as a team member in

Trisha (she/her) is a rising junior majoring in environmental science and minoring in data science. She is interested in developing the relationships between natural resource management, policy and community building to build safer, more resilient communities. She grew up moving

Shreya is a third-year student majoring in Environmental Science and Geography with a minor in Data Science. Growing up in both the Bay Area and near the Bay of Bengal in India, she is grateful to have spent her childhood

Rona Lasam (they/she) is a Filipino-American and a sophomore at UC Berkeley. They are currently deciding their major as they explore their academic interests regarding economics, psychology, and politics. With Rona’s interest for sustainability and connecting with their queer identity,

Lydia is a second year studying Psychology and pursuing a Certificate in Design Innovation. Through researching climate psychology, she became interested in understanding the intersections between mental health and climate justice, such as eco-anxiety and ecological grief, in high-risk and