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Lucy Park! Is a second-year majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies. She grew up half in the woods of Virginia, and half hopping around the Bay Area. Exploring these dramatically different environments and cultures kindled Lucy’s deep interests in rural/urban

Lara Zangana is a first year student from San Diego, CA. She is passionate about the interconnectedness of global issues and environmental impacts. This along with the effects of media and modern technology on society. Lara works towards learning more

Laila is a third year from Karachi, Pakistan studying Sustainable Environmental Design and minoring in City Planning. She is interested in decolonizing infrastructural spaces in Pakistan, the complex challenges of global warming and sustainability in cities, and the gendered politics

Kwabena is an incoming Energy and Resource Group (ERG) graduate student in fall 2023. He’s from Ghana and has worked on energy projects in West Africa, particularly power plant construction. He’s interested in decarbonizing electric power grids, global climate change,

“Hi, I’m Keshwanth and I am a second year Environmental Economics and Policy major. I am passionate about preserving our environment and love exploring the vast nuances to solving the climate crisis, whether it be through energy, policy, or economics.

Kaone is a final year Mastercard Foundation scholar from Kanye, Botswana. Prior to her graduate studies, she was an Investment Analyst for the EU & GIZ funded program where she managed a portfolio of 99 female-founded enterprises across Sub-Saharan Africa. In tandem, she

Hi! My name is Gaby Rivera and I’m a senior majoring in Architecture. As a future architect, I’m interested in learning about and implementing sustainable practices in the built environment in order to positively impact communities. My interest and curiosity

Chloe is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Political Science and Society & Environment. She is interested in addressing environmental issues through government policy and political activism. She has experience working on political campaigns and with on-campus sustainability efforts. In her

Hi everyone, my name is Amara Ibeanusi, and I'm a rising senior majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology with a minor in African American Studies. I'm eager to combine my passions for environmental science, sustainability, and education through my new, upcoming

Alina is a fifth-year student from San Gabriel, CA pursuing a simultaneous degree in Environmental Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies and minoring in Spanish Language and Literature. In 2019, Alina worked in the California Central Valley as an intern for the